10pcs Angel Design Nail Art Decoration

10pcs Angel Design Nail Art Decoration

Looking for some beautiful and unique nail art? Check out our 10pcs Angel Design Nail Art Decoration! Perfect for any occasion, these decorations are sure to stand out!

I just got a set of these for the holidays. The set has a star design, snow design, rose design, Christmas design, and the cute penguin design. They’re a little larger than your standard nail art decals, but easy to apply. The set includes 4 designs per nail. A top coat is required to keep all the designs from peeling off.

My favorite nail art is nail polish and when you add the idea of decals to the mix, you have an even greater array of designs to choose from.

I found a great affordable set today! Decals make a great DIY gift. You can get one with a star, snowflake, Christmas, or penguin design.

You don’t want to go wrong with these decals! As you apply them to your nails, you’ll have to brush with a paintbrush to remove any excess glue. This should take about a minute or two, but the end product is well worth it (in my opinion)!

These decals come in packs of 10, which works out to 4 designs per polish color! I ordered the pink design to try out.

I think they would look great with any color of polish! This set includes 3 decals and is $4.88. They are $1.99 at Walgreen’s or you can buy them in individual packs for $3.49.

The set features a snowman design with a pink background and gold snowflake glitter.

There’s only three coats of clear topcoat.

They are a little bigger than your average decals, but I really like these. They feel sturdy and look really nice.

The decal is easy to apply by pressing it down on your nail. Then using your nail brush, brush away any excess glue. I found it a little tricky to remove the decals from the nail, but overall, I think they are easy to use.

These are a little hard to remove once fully dried, so I don’t think they would be good for a long day at the office or if you’ve got short nails.

You can always order another design to add to your existing manicure.

I think the decals are a great idea. They make a cute DIY gift and would make a fabulous gift for your mom (or anyone really)!

I love nail art and have been doing it on a semi-

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