1box Bear Design Nail Art Decoration

1box Bear Design Nail Art Decoration

Looking for a unique way to decorate your nails? Check out our 1box Bear Design Nail Art Decoration! All you have to do is pick your favourite colour and then use our nail stickers to create an individual, stylish design! You can choose from all different styles from fun dinosaurs to cute animals and even the occasional superhero! All you need is 4-5 manicure stickers and you’re good to go!

Box size: 9.5×6

Boxes sold separately, check the products box for information on quantity and price per box

All our nail stickers are printed on high quality paper, and can easily be used on any type of nail polish.Q:

Solve $-k(1+sqrt{2})=sqrt{a}$

I’m new to LaTeX, I want to create a square root equation, but I got stuck in this one equation:
solve the equation $-k(lbrack 1+sqrt{2} rbrack)(lbrack 1+sqrt{2} rbrack)^2=sqrt{a}$


I would write,

$displaystyle -k[1+sqrt{2}](1+sqrt{2})^2=sqrt{a}$

because the $a$ in the equation comes from the square root symbol, and that should be in the same location as the function.
There are other ways of doing this. Here is one:

If you’re taking the square root symbol too literally it might help to realize that the power-to-the-$2$ symbol is the same as the $2$-to-$1$ symbol:


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That being so you could write

$displaystyle -k[1+sqrt{2}]^2=sqrt{a}$

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