1box Clear Fake Nail

1box Clear Fake Nail


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Why is there so much code in the bootable part of the USB flash drive?

Why is there so much code in the bootable part of a USB flash drive?

is there any purpose to it? for what things should a programmer keep in mind when writing bootable code?



It depends on which OS you’re designing for.
If you’re designing for Linux, it’s up to you. You might decide that your program fits in the space you want to give it. Or you might decide it’s too large to fit at all (and then it’s wasted space).
If you’re designing for Windows, you should put all your program code in one, continuous, region of the Flash drive.
You may not use the whole region, but you must definitely not leave parts unallocated, so make that choice a conscious one.
In some cases, the choice doesn’t matter – if the drive is always going to be installed as the first partition on a machine, for instance, then you can put a program there that only boots, or you can put a bootloader that allows all sorts of programs to boot from the drive and that points to the one bootable program. In that case it doesn’t matter which you put there first.




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