1box Grape Pattern Nail Art Decoration

1box Grape Pattern Nail Art Decoration

Looking for a fun and easy way to add some flair to your nails? Check out our 1box Grape Pattern Nail Art Decoration! With this simple and easy to use product, you can add some personality to your nails in no time! Easy to apply and easy to take off, this nail art is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe!

1box has the most unique nail art patterns that will leave you smiling with their amazing designs. All the nail art products have to stay on for a minimum of 5 days so you get that perfect look! No more worries and you dont have to worry about damaging the nail!

What you get:

10 pieces of decals

Base coated nails

Topcoat of your choice

How it looks:

Using the included double sided tape, you will be able to apply the decals to your own nail.

Grape Pattern Decal

A decal looks very easy, with very minimum effort; no fancy tools are needed. You simply have to apply the decal on the surface of your nail, leave it for a few minutes so that the adhesive attaches on the nail and then remove any excess portion of the tape and leave the nails till they dry completely.

I have used this decal to decorate my nails a few times in the past and I still love this look. The decals are very easy to use and they stay on for a few days.

Mixed Berry Pattern Decal

I have used this decal for the first time just this year, and I love the color and the design on this decal. The decals are easy to apply and I did not need to use a base coat.

I did notice that the decals started peeling off after a few days, which is something that I don’t like to see, but that can be easily sorted out by using a top coat. The decal looks very nice if you remove it before the base color of your nails.

Leaf Pattern Decal

The decal looks like a leaf, just like the one you see outdoors, that has a texture. The decal is easy to apply and does not need any base coat. The color will be more vibrant after 10-12 days, with or without a top coat.

Lace Pattern Decal

This decal is very interesting, and looks like a lace that I can wear in public as a daily wear! The decals are very easy to apply and does not need any base coat.

Peacock Pattern Decal

The peacock is a very prominent, rare type of bird found only

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