1box Nail Art Glitter Powder With Tool

1box Nail Art Glitter Powder With Tool


1box Nail Art Glitter Powder With Tool Set is perfect for creating beautiful and unique nail designs. The set includes a variety of colors and a tool to help you apply the powder. Create sparkling glitter nail polish looks or add a touch of shine to your nails and have professional results. The set has glitter nail polish, mixing tools, a bottle and a plastic tool to hold the bottle steady. The Nail Art Pen is ideal for use with the polish and provides a fun medium for adding designs. The set includes a small brush for painting the designs of your choice on the nails of your choice, and a larger brush to paint designs onto nail beds.

Please refer to the color chart below for more information on what colors are included in the set and what glitter colors they are.

Product Description

Beautiful and unique nail designs with glitter Nail Art Glitter Powder With Tool Set, make nail art fun again. You can use the glitter nail polish to add the glitz to your nail designs, then add the sparkles and shine with these beautiful and unique tools.

Easy-to-use, this set allows you to create dazzling nail looks that will make you feel like a professional nail artist with all the tool and polish you need, including the small paint brush, medium brush, and bottle to hold the polish. You can also have fun mixing colors in this set by playing with the glitter nail polish on your nails. This is a great set to try out nail art designs you always thought were out of your reach.

How To Use?

For more fun and easy application on your nails, brush on the top color with the small paint brush. Use the large paint brush for the designs and work with the glitter polish. Apply designs that compliment your nails with the glitter polish and brush the glitter polish to add any extra sparkles you desire.

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