1box Pitaya & Flower Pattern Nail Art Decoration

1box Pitaya & Flower Pattern Nail Art Decoration

Looking for a fun and unique way to spruce up your nails? Check out our Pitaya & Flower Pattern Nail Art Decoration! This 1box comes with 12 different decals that are sure to add some pizzazz to your nails. Each set comes with one of 12 patterns:

1. Pitaya

2. Heart Flower

3. Star & Arrow

4. Dragon Fly

5. Chinese Knot

6. Butterfly

7. Dotted Line

8. Chinese Character

9. Pomegranate

10. Pink Lilies

11. Flowers

12. Dragon

*Note: The decals on the decal sheet are made of the plastic, so you CANNOT wash the decals in water for a long time.

It comes with a nail decal decal cutter, to make it easy for you to cut and use the decals on your nails.
The picture shows the decalfitures with 5/0.5 size tweezers, make sure to cut the decal into smaller size before using, as the decals are very soft plastic.
After you’ve mastered cutting the decals by yourself, you can have professional nail salon technician do it for you.
Each pack contains 10 pieces of nail decals.
Each decal measures 2.0 x 1.2 cm (roughly 8.8 x 4.6 mm).

How to use it:
To apply the decals, you’ll need to prep your nails with polish remover and base coat, let the decals dry, and then apply a top coat to make it nice and tough.

You can use this as DIY at home kit or take it to the nail salon!

Note: 1. Please allow up to 3 business days to arrive. It’s a big box, not a personal box. 2. If you are worried that the decals is damaged, please let our support team confirm the damages.

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