1box Separated Individual False Eyelashes

1box Separated Individual False Eyelashes

Looking for something special in false eyelashes? Check out our 1box Separated Individual False Eyelashes. They provide a unique look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Each package comes with 3 false eyelashes to give you a great value. A wonderful set to give you the perfect eye look. Each lash comes with a matching wand applicator for easy application. Packages are all 1 box, so it saves us a stamp.

Our 1box Eye Creme False Eyelashes, are your perfect everyday lashes you can use everyday. You know when you apply false lashes, the end result looks more dramatic and long lasting. These lashes have a high concentration of eyelash adhesive to be easily applied. They are perfect for busy moms especially that they come in 1 box.

Are you looking for your perfect everyday package that will have you turning heads? You won’t be sorry with the 1box False Eye Creme Eyelash Set. 1-3-5-9 package is a must to have when you really want to get eye popping results. These lashes are 100% fake and no glue. You wont know what you looked like before the lashes were done because they are that natural. If looking for dramatic and amazing lashes from the best false eyelash company, keep reading our review!

What Is Fake Eyelash?

A lash is just a very fine strip of the natural eyelash. When applied to your eyes, this strip of the natural lash is used to enhance your natural lash size and create an illusion of much longer lashes.

False eyelash is applied one on top of the other, giving the illusion of lashes that are much longer than they really are. They are applied individually for added separation between the lashes because you don’t want to see the same lash.

Why Use Fake Eyelash?

The purpose of false eyelash is to enhance or to add dimension to your natural lashes, giving you the illusion that your lashes are longer. This can assist individuals with natural short or thin lashes.

How to Apply Eyelash?

The two eyelashes should be applied on opposite eye. Start from the base of the lashes applying a small amount of glue on the tip of the lash and hold the lash up to the upper eyelid. You’ll see a bit of glue fall out, but make sure none stays, otherwise, it would mess up your lashes.

Then hold up the bottom of thelash and apply a bit on the tip of the lash. You should feel a tad bit of glue being pulled on your eye lid by the

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