1pack Neon Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration

1pack Neon Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration

Looking for something to make your nails stand out? Check out our neon rhinestone nail art decoration! With its cute round shape and ultra high-gloss finish, you won’t want to cover up this cute nail!


Ultra-high-gloss finish


Durable and long-lasting

Safe for your nails (no UV protection)

It comes complete with our handy package of nail art tools: a large paint brush, a small, point-ed brush for detail work, and a nail file

The mini Rhinestone glitter nail decors are great for both children’s and adult parties! Kids just love the attention and the adults just love the shiny, flashy nail polish.

They are all-in-one nail art with great texture and quality. With these mini rhinestone glitter nail decors you will get a fresh and new nails for only $6!

Please note: not available for sale online

Nail art is not only a one time thing, so why not treat your nails like that? With these cute mini rhinestone glitter nail decors you are definitely going to love these nail art ideas that will last you for years!

Nail designs with rhinestones

Cute cute cute

They are so easy! They can be painted directly onto your nails, with no additional nail polish required.

In all this nail designs with rhinestones, there are so many designs that we have in our mini rhinestone glitter nail decors that one for each nail is definitely not enough.

Nailed it

This is a really easy nail art design, but it is super super cute! There are so many options of mini rhinestone glitter nail decors. You can be creative with your own colors or with the colors that you already have, you won’t be disappointed!

For the nail art decal we have two options. The first option is to use your normal nail polish and a regular brush on your nails. Just paint the decal on your nail and then take out the excess around the edges. Do this to each nail.

The second option is to use the mini nail art brush that came with the set, just like they do in the video. A bit of paint is all you need! It’s even easier this way.

Let’s add a few extra points

These nail designs with rhinestones are

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