1pair Separated False Eyelashes

1pair Separated False Eyelashes

Looking for a way to add some extra flair to your look? Try false eyelashes! Our separated false eyelashes come in a variety of styles to suit any look you’re going for.

Faux Eyelashes for Any Occasion

The possibilities for adding false eyelashes are endless! Whether you’re attending a wedding or a Halloween party, or need a touch-up for an upcoming social gathering, we’ve got you covered.
We specialize in making the most intricate false eyelashes as well as the quickest. Our fake eyelashes can be applied to your own natural lashes in no time.

False Eyelashes for Any Look or Occasion

If you think of a false eyelash, you probably think of super-expensive high-end false eyelashes. Maybe on the high-end of the spectrum, but false eyelashes are not inherently expensive. We offer plenty of sizes at different price points, and we stand behind our products, too.

When it comes to false eyelashes, a major problem is getting them on properly. Putting on false eyelashes takes a lot of practice! First, a few things;
1. False eyelashes don’t bend. You have to attach them straight down and keep them in place throughout the day.
2. No fluff. No eyelash glue (they can be removed from your natural lashes easily with eyelash glue and nothing else).
3. Make the cut to your natural eyelash on the inside of the lid, about 3/8ths of an inch from the outer corner.

What’s the difference between the first three? Each way has its own benefits and drawbacks.
First up on the list, the first way allows for a quick application and comes at a price you may be able to afford. The downside to this approach is that the application tends to be sloppy. It tends to be harder to get the makeup on straight, so make sure you know what you’re doing before putting on your fake eyelashes the first time.
Second, you need to know how to properly trim and maintain your false eyelashes. This comes down to practice, and it takes some getting used to. If you don’t have it down, false eyelashes can wear out easily. One of the key things to think about here is that the glue holding them in place is permanent. If you forget to trim them regularly, they can become brittle and start falling out over time. This is the biggest downfall of the first method. Lastly, you can’t take it back, so be sure to stick with the first two methods before moving on to the third. The third

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