1pair Separated False Eyelashes

1pair Separated False Eyelashes

Looking for a way to make your eyes pop? Try false eyelashes! Our separated false eyelashes give you a natural look that is perfect for any occasion. Our false eyelashes are safe, comfortable, and best of all, incredibly stylish! Try our black false lashes now!

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About us

EyelashLash.com is the world’s first eyelash lash extension lash website that focuses on real eyelashes instead of fake lashes only. We sell high quality, real eyelash extensions that will help you get the best results, that also last and stay on for several days. We also offer lashes in several other colors too. We have a huge inventory that gives you a wide range of lashes that you can pick, choose according to your skin, hair and eye colors. We offer free shipping all-over the world! Get online and shop for your lashes at eyelashlash.com today!

We want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for here at lashlash.com. We sell only the highest quality eyelash extensions. Our lashes are also shipped to you safely, making sure that they do not damage your skin (or anyone else’s skin), which is important to us. Our customers can easily see the difference in our high quality lashes when compared to eyelash extensions that you’ll see in more common shops. Our lashes are affordable, and they get great results! We want to make sure that we get our customer’s back and they buy with confidence that they will get what they pay for here, at lashlash. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Shipping Notes

U.S. shipping is based on the weight and number of lashes we receive at a given time. Our U.S. shipping fees are based on weight and the total number of lashes received. In order for us to be able to accurately measure the weight of your order, we need you to know the exact number of lashes you want us to ship to you. We are here to serve, the customer, and the customer are the ones who benefit from our product being shipped to them on time when they need them! We guarantee that they are here in stock (we get every lash!) and that it will arrive on shipping day! We don’t keep lashes in stock on the day that we ship an order.

To be certain your lashes get to you the day they are shipped, we highly recommend you add one more day.

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