1pair Separated False Eyelashes

1pair Separated False Eyelashes

Looking for an extra special touch to your look? 1pair Separated False Eyelashes are perfect for adding a bit of glamour to your everyday style. With a natural separation between each lash, these falsies create a more dramatic effect that is sure to turn heads. Choose from a variety of styles including a short to a full set of separated falsies.

I purchased these and they are great. I would rate them an 8 because I have only had them 3 days and I have had no problems. I found the colors the best because they go with most clothes that I own and they are very comfortable. The only negative is they aren’t very natural. If you are looking for natural looking false lashes, look for somewhere else.

I purchased the lashes for my 18 year old daughter. She loves the product and it adds that “sophisticated” look to her eye lashes. She is the one that wears her makeup and lashes. She has been wearing it for several months and we have no problems thus far. I plan to purchase another set of lashes because she loves this product.

1. These are very comfortable to wear, it didn’t take long for my eye lashes to become accustomed to them.
2. The best part about these false lashes is the ease of application, they just pop right onto your eye lashes.
3. I like the size and shape of the false lashes because it gives your eye a longer look.
4. At first you think they are going to fall off, but the ends of the eye lashes are made softer.

My daughter and I have been using these lashes for a few months now and no problems what so ever. We also got them from B&G lash.

1.) Easy to apply and take off which makes your eye lashes feel a lot more natural.
2.) These lashes look fabulous because they give you a longer look.
3.) No complaints and we love how the lash ends make your eyes a little bit softer.

1.) There needs to be some better directions of how to apply it.
2.) These lashes are a bit on the expensive side, but we had a great deal so we are not complaining.

I can’t believe I waited so long to purchase this eye lash type. I just purchased this for a ladyfriend and it is amazing. The best part about the lashes is that they are comfortable. When applied they do go hard to pull off which I thought would be a problem, but it wasn’t once I got used to. I will never use anything else after I was impressed with the lashes.

First I have to say that I received this product in

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