1pc 6 grid Underwear Storage Box

1pc 6 grid Underwear Storage Box

Looking for a way to organize your underwear drawer? Check out our 1pc 6 grid Underwear Storage Box! This storage box is perfect for organizing your intimates and keeping them in good condition. With 6 compartments, you can easily organize your underwear by type, color, or occasion. With multiple drawers for each section, you can also use it to hold lingerie, toys, and other household items.

Product Description

Organization Made Simple

With 4 compartments, this 1pc 6 grid Underwear Storage Box offers plenty of room for keeping up with the piles of underwear and bras that accumulate in your drawer. The 4 spacious drawers make it easy to store large, bulky items like bathing suits and sports gear. The built-in flaps prevent wrinkling, and sturdy plastic mesh pulls make it even easier to open and close the drawers.

Organize Your Underwear

Your underwear storage box is made of premium-quality plastic to add a touch of elegance to your drawer. And with 6 sections to hold large, small, or extra-small pairs, and 2 handy color-coded compartments, you’ll have the perfect place to keep everything neat, organized, and ready to wear.

Organize Your Toys!

This box of 6 compartments is suitable for storing your toys, games, balls, and board games. Because of their size and contents, our kids’ play room can easily use this toy box for storing their toys.

Hints and Tips for Use:

When using this organizer for storage, keep in mind to add small toys like small balls, marbles, or buttons in the largest drawer with the color-coded compartments for small toys.

With larger toys like small balls, play sets, board games and games, or other larger items like balls, marbles, or games, they can be stored in the top left drawer of the box.

Add a large rubber band to the top right drawer for any larger toys like board games and toys.

Wash by hand only and avoid using the dryer or a tumble dryer.

Be sure to use the product as suggested. Always read the manufacture’s instructions before use. Use of this product is at your own risk. You are responsible for the safe and appropriate use of this product.

Warranty Information:

All BRIO products come with a Limited Warranty for the product. BRIO USA Inc. accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance of the product.

Warranty Type – Limited

Lifetime Replacement



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