1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

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1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

A must-have for any fashion-savvy individual, this 1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag is perfect for storing and organizing your pants collection! With 7 individual grids, this storage bag ensures that your pants are wrinkle-free and easy to access whenever you need them. Just slide it into your closet, lay it flat on the floor, or easily fit it onto a shelf with the adjustable hanging straps. Your favorite pants will never go unwrinkled again with the Grid Pants Storage Bag from ClosetMaid!

1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

Great for organizing pants
Replaced a dresser drawer with this and I love it!! It is perfect for storing my favorite jeans and dress pants in one place. Since it is large enough to fit many pairs, I keep the largest pair, along with other dresses in an inner bag and hang it on the back of the garment arm. Storing the smaller items in the grids on top of the garment bag and then keeping the largest pants in the bag is the best way of organization.
March 5, 2015

Love it!
I used to have a huge pile of pants that I had to roll up and hang in my closet. Once this was in it was easy to access. My favorite fit great in this.
September 4, 2013

Love it
This is a great way to store shirts, shorts, pants, and even shoes. My clothes fit better than my normal drawer, plus I can sort through each one easily. I recommend it!
May 23, 2013

Great for Pants
Used for my pants. My favorite fits in this. Very nice way of organizing my wardrobe
January 7, 2013

Great storage container for pant cuffs.
My husband has been using this for pants cuffs for a couple of years to organize our pant stack. We’ve found this has saved space in our very small home and now we are looking for another place.
November 30, 2012

Great quality container for a small budget
I bought this storage to hold my husband’s pants. He likes to keep each pair separate, and has been using an old rolling suitcase to do so. This is just what I was looking for to hold an extra pair of shoes as well. We’ve been using it for over three months and can’t say it’s worn out yet.
April 27, 2012

It is the perfect size and organization.
I bought this because I knew that I needed a larger organizer. I like having the extra space that is created by this. It hangs on the back of my closet door and I can organize my stuff.
November 4, 2011

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