1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag

Looking for a way to organize your pants? Check out our 1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag! This storage solution is perfect for any closet, and it’s sure to keep your pants looking neat and tidy.

About 2 years later… our children are all grown up and have children of their own.

For the last two years I have wanted to re-design the clothes hanging area that all of the kids use when they stay at my home. We have all of those plastic pegboard things that work fine for me… but I wanted something that was better, that I could take and use with us and be easy to set up at a park, a hotel, a cabin, the pool and even at the beach where there are no hooks.

This year I have come up with a great design that I call “1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag”. It’s 1 piece of durable vinyl that fits the 1pc 7 Grid Pegboard and works to keep pants that don’t match hanging in place.

What does “no hooks” mean?

Every pair of pants has a different fit on the waist. Some of our kids are more long & thin and some are short, stocky and square. So I wanted a solution to keep the pants on the pegboard so they don’t slide off when someone is climbing the ladder to hang them, or taking them off and packing for a trip. The solution is to make the bag long enough to fit two pairs of pants, that way they stay hung together, but won’t slide off.

The 1pc 7 Grid Pegboard has a slot in the middle, so the pants that are not on the pegboard can be hung there so the kids have to check two pegs, but they won’t slide off. This solution works great when you have 7 kids and they don’t match their pants. You can make up a new bag for each child with their own color theme, or make a separate bag for the 4-5 year old’s pants because they don’t all fit in the pegboard.

You can also make as many or as few as you want. In our home we made one for each kid, then one for Dad, then one for the 3 bedroom apartment building we live in.

All you need for this storage solution is a 1pc 7 Grid Pegboard and the 1pc 7 Grid Pants Storage Bag.

All the kids can use one for hanging on the pegboard, and the younger kids can use the free one in the picture with their own pants.

I have made up a couple of tutorials to show you how to use the bag and

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