1pc Bear Print Double sided Pet Mat

1pc Bear Print Double sided Pet Mat

Looking for a double-sided pet mat that features a bear print? Look no further than our 1pc Bear Print Double sided Pet Mat! This mat is perfect for any pet owner who wants to keep their pet comfortable and their floors clean. This mat is thick enough to absorb any mess that may get tracked in and it’s a double-sided pet mat to make sure that no corners of your floor get left unclean! Get it for your dog, for your cat or even for yourself to get some fresh air for yourself on those cold and wet weekends that seem to last forever! For the pet that loves to eat, this mat makes pet-friendly chewing a good habit and for the pet that doesn’t like to eat, this mat can be used to help keep your floors clean and your carpets fresh smelling. Add a little style to your pet with this 1pc Bear Print Double sided Pet Mat!

**WARNING: The edges are rough; handle with care.**

Why we love it: This is the perfect pet mat! It’s made out of high-quality, easy-to-wash material that will keep your dog and cat comfy and looking good.

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Python: How to use regex and replace() properly?

How to use replace regex function in python?
I’m new to python, but this should be simple?
For the input:

I’m trying to replace all
and any number of whitespace with nothing.
The final output should be:

I’ve tried
s=s.replace(regex, “

But it just replaces all the ‘


I believe you need to use regex, because ‘‘ is not a whitespace character
import re

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