1pc Cylinder Magnetic Nail Art Tool

1pc Cylinder Magnetic Nail Art Tool

Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your nails? Check out our 1pc Cylinder Magnetic Nail Art Tool! With this handy tool, you can create all kinds of fun and unique designs. So grab one today and start expressing your creativity!

It is made from hard material made of high quality steel. This nail art tool is easy to use, and all you have to do is set it inside the magnet and watch it do the rest. Each nail stick magnet is a great way to show your fashion sense, and with so many new designs to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding something new every day!

Nail stick magnets:

These nail magnets are ideal to create cool-looking nail stickers and decorate the nail with style! Create amazing designs with these magnetic sticks and have some fun along the way!

Specification of the product:

Name: 1pc Cylinder Magnetic Nail Art Tool

Pair: 2 Pieces

Material: Plastic + Steel

Color: Silver + Black

Weight: 2g

Package Contents:

1pc Cylinder Magnetic Nail Art Tool

2pc Accessories

Main Features:

High quality steel nail holders

Easy to use with any design

High performance magnets

Easy to carry

Simple and safe installation

Sturdy build

Sturdy magnets stick magnets

Perfect for fashion, nail art and personal decoration

How to use:

Step1. Take one of the magnets

Pick the magnet that you like best, and gently place one end of it into the magnet holder.

Step2. Place the other magnet into the magnet holder

You may leave the end of the magnet sticking out slightly, but that way it can be easy to get it out of the holder later if you need to.

Step3. Place the holder magnet into the nail or magnet holder and then push the nail through the nail holder to complete the installation.

You need to carefully align the magnet to the end of the nail so that the nail sticks tightly in the magnet.

Step4. Let the product dry

Leave the magnets to dry for about half an hour or until it is completely dry before you start designing!

How to unstick a magnet

When the magnet is still wet it cannot be easily removed from the other magnet. But once the magnet dries, you can pull the nail from or to the nail holder.


Wetting the magnet as little as possible will allow the magnet to stick to the bottom side of the nail holder. This is an important

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