1pc Double ended Dead Skin Nail Push

1pc Double ended Dead Skin Nail Push

Cuticle Pusher Stick

Looking for an easy and painless way to get rid of dead skin and cuticles? Look no further than our 1pc Double ended Dead Skin Nail Push Cuticle Pusher Stick! This handy tool is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve salon-looking nails at home. It’s also known as a Cuticle Pusher and is also useful for removing excess under nail polish.

Our 100% FDA approved, safe, organic, and paraben free nail polish remover is safe for all colors of polish and nail colors. Our Cuticle Pusher Stick is safe for use on nails because it contains no toxic chemicals. It is made with only olive oil, which is one of the most effective and safest oils for nail care.

The double ended nail lifter is great for removing nail polish, but it is designed to be used without soaking your hands. It’s designed to be rotated around your nails, and not pushed directly on the surface, or you may damage your nail. Use it without soaking and you will achieve the most efficient application.

With this double ended nail pusher, you can clean both your finger and toe nails, as well as your cuticles. It can be used on cuticles, nail plate, toe nails, as well as your finger nails. This tool is made from high quality zinc plated steel, and has an ergonomic shape for comfort and a comfortable grip.

The nail pusher is easy to hold with ergonomically designed ergonomically designed with tapered handles.

Our 1pc Dead Skin Nail Push Cuticle Pusher Stick is available in a variety of colors for the perfect color match. It comes in two sizes for you to choose from. One size is for your finger and the other is for your foot. Choose the color depending on your size.

If you do not have a set of nail pushers and need additional ones you can choose a set at a lower cost.

Cuticles Push Sticks – 10pc Pack (Pink)

Looking for a set that has a pink top and a blue bottom? Get your Cuticles Push Sticks today! Each of these 10pc Cuticle Push Sticks set comes with the standard 10pc Cuticle Push Sticks Set with both pink and blue sticks, which will get you started with removing dead skin and cuticles painlessly.

The plastic material of the sticks are made from FDA approved, phthalate, BPA, and lead free material. Our 10pc Cuticle Push Sticks set contains both pink and blue handles but you are able to apply them interchangeably as well. They can be used with either fingernails or toenails. Each one has a unique

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