1pc Drain Chopstick Cage

1pc Drain Chopstick Cage

Sink Strainer Stopper Plug

Looking for a way to keep your drain clean? Check out our 1pc Drain Chopstick Cage Sink Strainer Stopper Plug! This handy little device will catch any food or debris that goes down your drain, keeping your sink clean and clog-free. Simply remove the included cap, stuff the cage with whatever will fit in a 1-cup measuring cup, screw the cap back on, and then insert it into your main drain. We’ll bet you wish you added one of these to your kitchen setup a lot sooner!

*Fits all standard 1 – 1.75 inch round, round pop-up/stopper handles. **This plastic sink stopper replaces most plastic stoppers found in most sinks**

This product is not the usual sink stopper designed to fit any sink handle. This sink stopper is designed and engineered to fit any type of sink in which round pop up/stopper handle are used. This includes sinks used with the old school faucet, and new faucet design. Sink stoppers are meant to be used during the draining process, when the sink handle is protruding from the sink. If you notice that your sink stopper is not working properly, or if the stopper is designed to go on a pop up sink, please see our recommendation for replacing such a stopper with one that is specific for the new style sink.

How to Make Sink Strainer Stopper Plug

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