1pc Foldable Multifunction Hanger

1pc Foldable Multifunction Hanger

Looking for a versatile hanger that can handle all your clothes? Look no further than the 1pc Foldable Multifunction Hanger! This hanger is perfect for everything from shirts to skirts to pants, and can even be used to hang scarves, ties, and belts. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, the 1pc Foldable Multifunction Hanger is a must-have for any closet!

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1pc Foldable Multifunction Hanger

Material: Plastic

Color: Transparent White

Dimension: 8″L x 16″W x 3-1/2″T

Weight: 0.7 lbs

Packing: 20 pc(s) in 1pcs case with 2 pcs per bag, 100 pcs per case
Packing: 18 pc(s) in 1pcs case with 2 pcs per bag, 90 pcs per case

How to Use

Open the hangers with the folding hinges, hold the left side of the hinge between your right thumb and forefinger, while lifting the right side. Press the right side of the hinge into the center of the hook.

The hangers are made from quality material, providing years of satisfaction. The hinge is made of smooth plastic and no screws means no worries of getting stuck; however, the end of the hanger should be sharpened with a knife for fast and easy putting and picking up hangers.

This hanger will fit on any type of closet rod or closet hanger bar, and it is easy to use, as it folds and unfolds when it is on the rod, so your clothes will not fall off the rod when you rearrange your clothes.

The hanger comes in a durable plastic storage case, making the item easy to transport and store, ensuring that you can keep them for the future.

This is my favorite hanger that I use all the time. It folds perfectly and holds pants, shirts and dresses!

Love this hanger! It holds everything I need for work and then some!
My favorite hanger at the moment, because everything that gets put in does not fall off onto the floor, or off of my clothing. It holds everything neat to my clothing. It is so good!
(You can buy it for less if you buy it from an online retailer. I bought three pairs as you can buy it by the dozen in walmart or other stores that sell clothing.)

This multi-hanging system is easy to use by the entire family. The clothes are not falling off the rack. It is compact for easy storage. Very useful hanger. Can be used to hang all types of clothes and accessories. The best to

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