1pc Fruit Pattern Wall Paper

1pc Fruit Pattern Wall Paper


Looking for a unique way to spruce up your home décor? Check out our 1pc Fruit Pattern Wall Paper Sticker! This fun and colorful design is sure to add a pop of personality to any room. You can use this sticker to accent a wall, a mirror, frame a photo or do a whole window. The possibilities are endless!

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Why didn’t the Dark Lord have a time machine?

In the last film, the Dark Lord of the Sith didn’t have access to a time machine.
So he could still be planning his attack on the Jedi, and on the Republic. He could have been hiding in the past for another millennium.
Why didn’t he have a time machine?


Most likely he didn’t have any because (unlike the Force) time travel through the use of a machine is not yet part of the canon. Time travel as part of the canon (as used by Star Trek, and other space-time oriented fiction) is in fact pretty common in the universe – as is travel to the past, the future, worm holes, etc.
Here are some relevant quotes:
Star Trek

The most fascinating development we’ve come across so far in our studies is the discovery of an incredible, ancient chronowarp system. Captain Kirk has ordered the Enterprise to make a further study of the region. We’re sure to find more about this amazing technology as we continue exploration.

Enterprise “Enterprise” TV series

PICARD: Captain, it takes a moment for the temporal barrier to collapse in all time zones.

Star Trek (2009)

I’m gonna have some fun with this, Captain.
RIKER: Enjoy it.
PICARD [OC]: Thank you, counselor.
Picard nods to Riker and goes to the window.
RIKER [OC]: Captain. If time travel is possible, why not create a paradox?
Picard doesn’t answer. He keeps staring out the window at the past
on Veridian III.
PICARD: Well, there was some speculation for a while that the
Continuum created other dimensions that intersect ours and allow us
to travel through time. But I don’t know…this idea that we might
be moving through time…

Star Trek The Next Generation

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