1pc Letter Graphic Random Water Bottle

1pc Letter Graphic Random Water Bottle

Fruit Infuser

Looking for a fun and unique way to stay hydrated? Check out our 1pc Letter Graphic Random Water Bottle Fruit Infuser! This water bottle comes with a fruit infuser, so you can add your favorite fruits for a delicious and healthy way to stay hydrated on the go.

You do NOT need a bottle to use the fruit infuser, you can infuse water in many different household items including your favourite glassware or even your favourite mugs!

Fruit Infuser Includes:







Citrus (a selection of 8 including lemon and lime)







This awesome water bottle not only comes in an array of shapes and sizes but the infuser is removable!

Dimensions: Approximately: 7cm long x 6cm tall Bottle Capacity: 250mL and 350mL

What sets this water bottle apart?

It is a fun way to stay hydrated and with a healthy glass of fruit-infused water you will be less likely to reach for sugary beverages which contain high amounts of empty calories as the body is naturally sweet!

The drink infuser is flexible, so it allows you to change the type of fruit you are infusing simply by swapping out the fruit on top.

Infusing with fruits like leek, orange, and raspberries is a really a great way to stay healthy and hydrated and will help boost your immune system which will help you sleep better.

How to use the fruit infuser

Fruit infusers are a flexible way to infuse water with fresh fruit you can do several things including:

Remove it from water then wash it out to be re-used

Put your chosen fruit infuser in the fridge or freezer to chill and then re-use throughout the day

Put your chosen fruit infuser in a ziploc bag and put in the fridge or freezer to chill then use multiple times

Infuse some fruit into a bottle of mineral water and keep in the fridge to be enjoyed on the go!

Fruit infusers are a great and healthy way to stay hydrated.

The fruit infusers are removable, ensuring that you can always be creative and switch out your preferred fruit for your next beverage!

Why are we different to the many other water bottles on the market today?

All water bottles in the market have one thing in common, they are made out of PET plastic, most of the time

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