1pc Lotus Shaped Candle Holder

1pc Lotus Shaped Candle Holder

Wedding Supplies

Looking for the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your wedding? Look no further than our stunning Lotus Shaped Candle Holder! This beautiful piece is perfect for adding a touch of romance to your big day, and is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. The centerpiece candle holder is made of a lovely cast iron base and hand painted by an artist for a one of a kind gift that will stand the test of time!

Available in 2 sizes to fit any budget:
Standard Candle Holder: 48” diameter, 10” tall

Large Candle Holder: 62” diameter, 13.5” tall

Our Standard candles have a flame height of 3.5”
Our Large candles have a fire height of 6”
Please be sure to order the proper size candle holder for your wedding venue. This candle holder is meant to be used indoors – and it is not suitable to be used in a firepit. It can be used on your mantle or shelf, but you may want to place it a little further away from the edge to avoid scratches that may occur due to its size and weight.

This lovely Lotus Shaped Candle Holder matches the Lotus Flower pattern in our beautiful Cremation Urns!

This elegant candle holder adds elegance, romance, gracefulness and drama to a wedding setting! The centerpiece design is inspired by a beautiful floral motif found in our new Lotus Urns, with rich golden tones and shades of soft white and pink. It is made of cast iron and hand painted in America and is guaranteed to stand up to any occasion, be it your wedding day or a regular day of cooking for the family. The candle holder is perfect for adding a little romance or a small focal point to the table with a single candle sitting in the center.

If you choose our Lotus Urn (pictured), the white candle holder can be painted any color! It simply provides a better reflection of the urn color.

Please be sure to get your perfect candles from us in time to use them – all candles we sell are designed to burn for 24 hours and have been tested to last at least that long. When you are ready to light those candles, let me know and I will put a time limit on your package for them – we understand that weddings are full of emotions and the last thing you need is a wick that’s going to burn out before your ceremony!

The standard candle holder is also recommended for indoor use. Due to their size and weight, they should not be left unattended outdoors. If you must leave your candle outdoors to provide a romantic touch (for instance, if you must use outside lighting), it is also recommended to

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