1pc Multi grid Ice Tray

1pc Multi grid Ice Tray

Looking for a way to make ice cubes that are different from the norm? Check out our 1pc Multi grid Ice Tray! This tray makes ice cubes in multiple different shapes and sizes, so you can have fun mixing and matching them in your drinks. Use them to make a variety of cocktails or just pop some whole fruit in your food to make some fresh fruit cocktails! This tray is made from the strongest acrylic plastic and comes with a thick non-slip grip. The ice in this tray stays frozen for up to three days, so this tray is perfect to use to make ice cubes to sip and savor your favorite cocktails. We have another ice tray product from our kitchen collection line that will work with this tray! Mix it up and make some new ice in your collection! Whether you are a home bartender or a professional, these Ice Cubes are a fun way to make your ice cubes. They can be used to cool your summer drinks, make your ice for a signature drink and you can also use them to cool your ice cream desserts making them more mouth-watering! If you are not a cocktail fan, just use these ice cubes for fruit cocktails or you can use them straight from your refrigerator for icy refreshments.

Note: Because these are made of plastic they may be incompatible with certain glassware and mixers used for cocktails.

What are Ice Cubes?

This is the fun question about what are ice cubes. Ice cubes are blocks of solid (ice) water and are used as a base for mixing and cooking and can help you maintain a consistent temperature all the while they are cooling down. You will find that they are used the most in the beverage industry. It makes sense that they are used as a base for mixing, because their size and texture match perfectly with the other ingredients in drinks. The smaller the ice cubes, the quicker the drink will cool and the better the ingredients will mix before the drink starts to cool. Think about it for a minute. If you have a hot drink, how quickly will it cool down and start to freeze the ice cubes that you are mixing it with?

How do Ice Cubes work?

Since they are made of water ice cubes are basically a solid block of water. They can withstand freezing and thawing repeatedly, so they can be stored in a freezer and enjoyed all summer long. When it comes time to serve your ice cubes can be popped out from the freezer and mixed in any number of different drinks, be it a cocktail, smoothie or ice cream dessert.

How long will my cubes last?

Since these plastic ice cubes can be frozen in your freezer a long time, they will last almost indefinitely

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