1pc Multifunction Pot Lid Holder

1pc Multifunction Pot Lid Holder

Kitchen Storage Rack

Looking for a way to organize your kitchen? Check out our 1pc Multifunction Pot Lid Holder Kitchen Storage Rack! This is a great way to keep your pots and pans in one place and your kitchen looking neat and tidy. Measures 5″ square.Pablo Vazquez de la Riva

Pablo Vásquez de la Riva was a priest of the Dominican Order from the 16th century who was active in Peru. He was born in Valladolid, Spain and was a Dominican professed on June 21, 1528 with the Order of Preachers. Following his ordination, he completed his studies as a Doctor of Theology (in 1545 at the University of Pisa) and was subsequently designated as a canon of the cathedral of Cuzco, Peru. It is not known what became of Francisco Vazquez de la Riva, his nephew, after the latter’s death near Cuzco in 1554.

After the conquest of Peru, where he was the first bishop of San Agustín, he accompanied the viceroy, Francisco de Toledo, as an ambassador to the King of France. In 1565, as he was travelling back to Europe through New Spain, he is reported to have entered the “house of a woman of good family in the village of Casafuente.” Upon his arrival in Spain the king conferred on him the title of prefect and the Order of Santiago. From there he went to Rome and remained in Rome until his death in 1593. Vázquez de la Riva’s tomb is preserved in the Cathedral of Santo Tome.

Vázquez de la Riva’s principal work is a biography of Saint Dominic originally in Latin entitled Vitæ regulatæ s. Dominicanae in auctoritate adhuc in literis praecipuis explicationis, in quorum primum libri patefacio. This work served as the basis for the Spanish Dominican tradition. A second publication was in Italian, Vita Dominicana (“Life of Saint Dominic”) by his nephew, Francisco Vásquez de la Riva and two others, written in 1575–1576.


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