1pc Mushroom Design Makeup Sponge & 5pcs Makeup Puff

1pc Mushroom Design Makeup Sponge & 5pcs Makeup Puff

Looking for a versatile makeup sponge that can do it all? Look no further than our 1pc Mushroom Design Makeup Sponge! This unique sponge can be used for a variety of makeup applications, from foundation to powder. Plus, it comes with 5pcs Makeup Puff for even more makeup options! This makeup sponge isn’t just good for beauty, it does just about everything, including cleaning!

The soft sponge is made of 100% premium materials and is suitable for use with makeup as well as cleaning. So get creative with all the possible ways to apply foundation, powder, bronzer, concealer, concealer pencils, eyeshadows or any other cosmetics you use frequently!

When washing your makeup sponge remember that water is your enemy, so we recommend using a soft cleanser. Never use harsh washing solutions as your makeup sponge is made of delicate materials. For even better results, follow the recommended washing routine:

Before washing, gently squeeze the sponge out so that you see the dark brown base. You can then wash it in your washing machine, under the normal washing conditions.

Do not place your makeup sponge in direct contact with water.

When finished, gently rinse with warm or cold water in a circular motion. The sponge should be clean enough.

Note that the product may come in a slightly different colour from the pic because of lighting.

To avoid any colour change, we recommend storing the product at room temperature and not too damp.

Please click here for more details on cleaning.

Note that colours may slightly vary depending on monitor and lighting conditions.

The sizes of the 1pc and 2pc makeup sponges shown in this product image are 1cm x 4.2cm and 2cm x 6.5cm respectively.

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Makeup Sponge Set

1.Product : 1pc Mushroom Design Makeup Sponge

2.Brand : Beauty and Me

3.Color : Brown

4.Ships : Assembled Size

5.Other :

Review :

I have been collecting makeup sponges for a long time. After receiving a package from this brand, i was really surprised. It comes with 5 makeup puff + 1 makeup sponge, it is very soft, nice colour and size.

1. The makeup sponge, can be use as a traditional one with powder to apply make up, I think it will be easy to cover all the face, especially my foundation, the tip is not flat, it is not small one, it can cover all my face, my face is

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