1pc Nail Art Brush

1pc Nail Art Brush

, High Quality

Looking for a high quality nail art brush? Look no further than our 1pc Nail Art Brush! Made with only the finest materials, this brush is perfect for creating beautiful designs on your nails. The included cap makes it easy to travel with. Simply cut it off of the base, shake it up and use it to create flawless designs on your nails! It even includes a hang tag for you to display on your nails! You won’t want to travel without this awesome brush!


Made with high quality, super soft bristles

Flexible, so you can rotate and use the bristles in all directions

Can be used with a wide variety of manicure and nail art tools

Will create flawless designs on your nails

Includes a cap for easy travel

Included hang tag gives it a pretty display

Perfect size for your nail art and manicures!

High Quality

Bristle type: Tapered with rounded ends to create softer edges and less resistance

Brush Type: Soft, Flexible, Non-Flaking Bristles Provide Great Support when Finishing Designs

Warranty Information

Ibizone sells nail care tools and equipment that carries a 1 Year Warranty. This tool may be returned (within the period stated) to any authorized IbiZone dealer for repair, which includes free shipping. Once repaired, you can then place another order. This warranty is only valid for products that have shipped from the authorized website. If you have ordered the product from a website other than the authorized website, this warranty will be void.

The 1 Year warranty does not cover damages or tools that may have been damaged due to misuse, neglect or improper care after the original purchase. This warranty does NOT cover misuse, neglect, wear or damage from the misuse of other tools. The warranty does not cover any tools not purchased from the authorized site. We may contact you for documentation. If your tool was shipped with a damage and you have not received a damage claim number from IbiZone within 90 days of the original shipment date, then no evidence of the delivery of the product will be accepted.#!/usr/bin/env php

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