1pc Olecranon Pliers

1pc Olecranon Pliers

, 1pc Staple Gun

Looking for a versatile tool for your next project? Check out our 1pc Olecranon Pliers! This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks, from stapling to bending and cutting wire. Available in 5 sizes and 3 hardness options, this plier is made in the USA by a family run company based in the south central region of Oklahoma. Each tool is designed to provide a comfortable, strong grip. The pliers are made from solid steel for ultimate durability and heat resistance.

Perfect for the home hobbyist and experienced craftsman, these pliers can also be used for other applications, from jewelry making to construction.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect set of pliers, check out our complete selection at Brookshire.

The standard version of these pliers is 1 PC, and is designed to fit a standard 2.5mm needle nose pliers.The invention relates to a connector including a housing with receiving grooves in opposite end walls, the receiving grooves each accommodating a terminal inserted into the receiving groove in the opposite end walls, one of the terminal and the end walls being provided with a locking projection that, in the connected state of the connector, is inserted with play into a locking position of the receiving groove, from which the locking projection can be shifted out against the force of a force application device, thereby releasing the connection.
In this kind of connector, the terminal engages the housing and the housing is provided with the receiving groove provided such that the locking projections can be shifted out against the force of a force application device in order from an inserted position of the terminal into a terminal housing position. A release of the terminal, as the locking element is shifted out against the force of a release lever, is generally effected by pushing the release lever, via a release lever movement control member, out of the connecting position into a connected position.
While a complete or a partial disconnection of the electrical contact can thus be assured against external influences by the force of the force application device during the disconnection, the locking element is still mechanically connected to the housing.
Since there is generally little mechanical rigidity of the housing in the connector and since, for reasons of production cost, the terminals must generally be formed from a thin-walled plastic material, there is the risk, in some circumstances, of the locking projection coming loose and a possibly resulting connection of the connector which is not electrically decoupled can occur.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a connector which is designed in such a manner as to ensure a certain safety against a disconnection of the connected state, in particular against a disconnection against

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