1pc Random Color Lunch Box With Spork

1pc Random Color Lunch Box With Spork

Looking for a new lunch box? Check out our 1pc Random Color Lunch Box With Spork! This lunch box is perfect for bringing your favorite food on the go. Plus, it comes with a spork so you can enjoy your meal without having to worry about silverware. It is designed with all the necessary features including a water-tight seal from the spork hole, a lunch bag pocket and mesh lining to keep your food’s fresh.

It comes in a variety of bright colors so no matter what the color of your lunch is you will be sure it will match your lunchbox!

For ages 7+, all natural and eco-friendly. Also a great way to reuse food scraps! Comes in Red, Blue, Orange or Pink, each with the matching spork. For the spork: it is made from 100% natural spruce wood and covered by a durable, non-toxic polycarbonate shell. It is completely hand-crafted and eco-friendly! Just like us 🙂

I have tried both of this sporks and their sporks are perfect. Both of them were made from high quality materials which is pretty good because it’s not easy to find. They’re also well-designed; the sporks have different colors and designs to make them stand out from other lunchboxes.

To be honest, I don’t know how to choose which one is better because both of them are good, but I choose the bright color box that I prefer for lunch. It is easier to match and looks cute on me. So that’s why I bought one. And I also got the lunch box it came in. Thank you Togarog!

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