1pc Random Color Sink Drain Bag

1pc Random Color Sink Drain Bag

Hair Catcher

Looking for an easy way to keep your drains clear of hair and other debris? Check out our 1pc Random Color Sink Drain Bag Hair Catcher! This handy little device catches hair before it has a chance to clog your drain, and it comes in a variety of colors to match your sink. Order yours today and say goodbye to clogged drains!

I have used these hair catchers over the years. They are a lot of fun and useful.

This one is different. I did not know there was a color choice. When the clog developed the color matched the clog. So for me, this saved a lot of frustration. I do like the bright red in the catalog photo.

The part where you put the hair catcher over the drain and shake, gets hair over the trap area.

The plastic cover you open and squeeze to get the clog to slide out makes a mess of it. I put mine in the dishwasher to minimize the mess.

It is easy to get the hair in the catchers, but not easy to get the clog in the catchers. Sometimes people will get the clog in the catchers and then not know how to get it out.

We get many calls for hair and soap. I personally like to use the hair catcher because it doesn’t look like I’m cleaning drains and I get to try out my pretty colors.

Hair Catchers are great if you have hair and soap that have the potential to get in your sink drains. Otherwise, look for the small black pipe traps at your local big box stores. In a pinch, you can use a regular dishrag. I have a dishrag that is the wrong width, but it works. Just make sure to turn the handles towards you so you don’t pull one of the handles in the trap and make a mess of it : )

Disposable Hair Traps are great for this scenario. You can find them at most big box stores like Sam’s, HomeDepot, and Lowes.

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