1pc Shark Shaped Beer Opener

1pc Shark Shaped Beer Opener

Looking for a unique and cool beer opener? Check out our 1pc Shark Shaped Beer Opener! This opener is perfect for anyone who loves sharks or the ocean. Also perfect for any kind of ocean or beach theme.

This opener is made of durable stainless steel (stainless is non-porous and rust free), and the handle is made of flexible plastic. With this opener you have a great, stylish way to enjoy any style of beer. With a stainless steel design and a design that looks like a shark, this opener is perfectly complimenting any shark or ocean theme.

This is a MUST HAVE for any beer fan with a shark or ocean theme!

This beer opener will make a great gift for the person who loves sharks, the ocean, or just likes beer. Any shark enthusiast can instantly use this opener for all of their shark themed beers.

We also have this item designed as a Shark Tank themed beer opener. This item is perfect for a beer themed event, office party, or fundraiser.

For a truly unique beer opener, check out our Shark Pilsner Beer Opener! This beer opener is a great alternative to the ones on our catalog. Not only are you getting the benefits of the cool Shark design, but you are also getting the benefits of the pilsner style beer!

These beer openers are a great choice for beer fans who like our Shark Beer Openers, but would prefer a unique drinking experience.

You’re invited to try an open ocean, this beer opener! No one will ever know you don’t have one of our premium openers. This premium opener will be right at home on your bar area or in your man cave, and we are offering a LIMITED amount for our friends out in the beer lover community.

To protect the product, please read the instructions below carefully.

These Premium Openers are NOT meant to be filled with beer. If you are filling this with beer, you will break the hinges.

Please note: This is not actually a “Shark Tank”, this is a beer opener.

If you see this item marked “Sold Out”, please check out our other openers.

**Note: If you are purchasing this item, you are NOT actually purchasing one of our premium beer openers. This is a regular beer opener and is NOT meant for use with beer. We are offering a limited amount of these openers to friends that purchase them. If you are purchasing one of these openers, you are NOT actually purchasing a premium shark openers, you are NOT purchasing a

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