1pc Silicone Water Bottle

1pc Silicone Water Bottle

Collapsible Drinking Outdoor Portable Sports Cycling Camping Hiking Water Bottle

Looking for a water bottle that can go anywhere with you? Look no further than our 1pc Silicone Water Bottle! Made from durable silicone, this water bottle is perfect for taking with you on all your adventures, whether you’re hiking, camping, or cycling. Plus, it’s collapsible design makes it easy to pack and transport. Just like the other items from our 1pc Silicone Travel Set, all 1pcs are eco-friendly with no BPA or PVC.

How long will this item stay fresh without using the provided closure?

All of our silicone water bottles, silicone cups, and silicone lids will stay fresh and leak-proof for 2-3 weeks without the use of a closure. For longer shelf life, we recommend using a lid.

What makes the silicone water bottle collapsible?

All silicone cups, lids, and bottles come ready to be collapsed like this to make it easier to transport and use in confined spaces.

How large of a bottle can I fit inside this?

The 1pc can accommodate a 500ml to a 750ml bottle and is large enough for most sports or everyday water use.


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Scoop or squeeze the bottle for convenient fluid flow. The silicone lid snaps in place and locks the bottle into place for leak proof protection. When the bottles needs to be transported more easily, just squeeze to release the internal rubber tube and collapse into its smaller size.

These collapsible silicone bottles and cups are perfect for taking a bottle of water, sports drinks, or soft drinks with you at a sporting event, camping/hiking trip, or even when you’re cycling around town.

A little pricey. But I’ve bought these silicone cups a lot with good results. One of the best water bottles.
– A.C.Aug 5, 2016

Very impressed with the quality of these bottles, they’re so small, light weight and durable. They will last in a backpack during an adventure or a picnic as an extra sports bottle or if your just on the go. Perfect and affordable. They have a rubber plug inside which helps to secure the bottle and provides leakproof protection.
– Lillian S.Jan 5, 2016

I would definitely recommend these silicone bottles to other people. They are really well made with a secure fit and are comfortable when holding. If you have to travel with your water/soft drinks, these will fit a big bottle easily. I would definitely recommend these!
– M.B.May 30, 2015

I bought the 1pc silicone water bottle for $15 from Amazon. When I’m traveling it

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