1pc Square Pet Bed

1pc Square Pet Bed

Looking for a comfy place for your furry friend to rest? Check out our 1pc Square Pet Bed! Made with soft, cozy fabric, your pet will love snuggling up in this bed. Plus, the square shape is perfect for small spaces. With 2 cozy fleece sheets, this 1pc bed is easy to use and clean, and it won’t collapse under the weight of your pet!Graphic Design & Web Design

Our team at B&R Design Studio is committed to producing beautiful, effective and affordable graphic design for our clients to help them gain a competitive edge within their respective industries.

Our approach in establishing client relationships is based on honesty and integrity and in return, we expect the same level of professionalism for our services and for our clients. This is how we maintain our reputation for professionalism in the industry and how we have earned our client’s trust for years.

As a result of our experience, we are able to quickly come up with creative graphic design concepts that is highly professional, affordable, cost-effective, and that suits our clients’ needs.We’ve written several reviews in the past about the Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera. I did a comprehensive review for all three NX300 models in 2013 but last year Samsung introduced a new version of the NX300 camera, the NX300S. This year they’ve upgraded it, calling it the NX300S E. There have been some rumors over the last two months that the NX300S will sell on Amazon for £700, the same as the original NX300. It should be out around June 2018, according to the manufacturer, but this time round the camera is also available for pre order on its official website for £1,079, shipping from June 8th, 2018 until August 29th.

The NX300S E features a new 18-55mm zoom, improved viewfinder and 3.0 million dot EVF with a 0.75x magnification. Plus it’s compatible with the NX series of lenses including the 17-55mm, 16-50mm and 50-200mm lenses.

The new NX300S has a fixed 18-55mm zoom lens.

The camera has been available for pre order as a digital package so if you don’t own or want to upgrade your current NX system it’s going to be an expensive option. However the kit isn’t the complete package. It’s missing the waterproof housing along with some accessories, but not all of them. I’ve had a quick look at the current price of the package on the official site and in the UK the camera kit with 18-55mm lens, 18-135mm kit lens, hood, strap

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