1pc Water Resistant Pet Car Seat Mat

1pc Water Resistant Pet Car Seat Mat

Looking for a reliable and water-resistant mat to keep your car seat clean? Look no further than our 1pc Water Resistant Pet Car Seat Mat! Made of durable and easy-to-clean materials, this mat will keep your car seat free of pet hair, dirt, and water. The non-stick and easy-clean surface makes it great for cleaning up after pets (and kids).

Made from heavy-duty polypropylene. Our mat is backed by a One Year Warranty!

No assembly or tools needed. Just tear open and insert into seat. If the mat becomes dirty it’s easy to wash and dry.

Why is our mat different?
Our mat has been around for years and has been used on hundreds, if not thousands, of pet car seats. Unlike the many other mats on the market, we put our mat through a multi-step process and hand test to create a mat that lasts.

We designed our mat using multiple input from actual car seat owners to create a mat that will last, and the design is easy to clean and won’t slide out from under a baby seat. Our designers even went as far as to test this very thing in real life to make sure our mat will stay where it should in high and low temperatures, in the face of heavy rain, snow, and dirt. We take great pride in our products and would not only stand behind our product, but would also recommend it.

If a mat falls or blows out as the car moves, not only does it harm the baby, but it could also damage your baby’s seat or even lead to injury. Our mat won’t ride up and keep your baby car seat safe.

Our mats are made to withstand the abuse and everyday use!

This is the best option for your car seat or stroller!
We’ve noticed a huge difference in our seats since we switched to the non-stick pet mat! It’s made a huge difference in keeping the seat clean and pet hair off.

Our pet seats are designed for toddlers up to large dogs and are best used when children are around 1 or 2 years old. The larger size works well with bigger dogs, but smaller dogs will also fit comfortably. Most of our pet mat covers will fit a standard size car seat:

Please visit our website for more details. We have a large selection!

*Our products have been specially designed and manufactured for safety and convenience in mind. Please note that every product has some variation but it is very small in comparison to the size of the item. If you have a question about a product, please send us an email: [email protected]

Please check the specific weight of your car

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