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1roll Geometric Print Waterproof Kitchen Sticker

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Why are some fonts blurry when printed in Illustrator?

I was working in Illustrator and I decided to print a sample to a printer. I noticed that these particular fonts seem unusually blurry after printing. Is this the normal expected behavior? I was pretty surprised, but wasn’t able to find any information online.

These are the settings I’ve got on my print properties:
Printer: C6250
Standard A4
Paper size:


It is not only fonts or the way your printer works, but also the resolution of the artboard.
A4 standard pages have ~297 PPI (dpi), your screen DPI is about 120 PPI. This is what can explain the blurry display.



Printer resolution
In both print and screen resolution use, the smallest possible resolution that the printer will make a reproduction of the artwork in that size format is needed. The printer will create a rasterization of your artwork, and the number of pixels in that rasterization will equal the resolution of the paper used.
Therefore, in order to get a printer with high resolution to print your artwork you need to make sure the rasterization resolution of the file is high enough to be able to scale the artwork with high image quality.
If you have the smallest rasterization size then you have the largest filesize.
In print for example, with my Epson 4875DN printer, I need to make my rasterization at least 1.5″ in height and the best results I have seen are normally around 2-3″ in height.
Here is

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