1set Flower Shaped Wall Clock

1set Flower Shaped Wall Clock

Looking for a unique wall clock? Check out our flower shaped wall clock! This clock is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. Whether it’s displayed at your office desk, or in your children’s room, this amazing clock features hand blown glass flowers and sits at 24 inches tall and 6 wide. This beautifully crafted piece of art stands as high as a 9 foot tall person. A perfect gift for her or him, this stylish flower wall clock is made of high quality materials (wood and glass). The wall clock features a brass beaded finish and a stylish floral pattern at the back. It’s available in four great colors (white, black gold, champagne gold, or dark brown). It holds 6 1/2 to 8 batteries for long-lasting power.

Honeycomb Hand Blown Glass Wall Clock Features:

Made of real honeycomb hand blown glass in multiple sizes

The center section of the clock is a single glass flower

Sitting on a wooden backing panel

The clock is 24″ tall and sits at 6.5 to 8″ wide

The clock has a clear display and a large black dial

Includes a small brass beaded chain for easy hanging

Stands as high as a 9 foot tall person and is also 24″ tall

Designed for use with 6 1/2 to 8 AA batteries in the back

High quality handcrafted materials (wood, honeycomb, glass)

Handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in the world to create fine art

Perfect for gift giving – a wonderful way to surprise or celebrate

This awesome flower clock is sure to become one of the most memorable wall clocks you’ll own. Hand picked from the finest craftsmen and made to be the highest quality clock you’ll ever own. High quality materials, hand made by the world’s finest craftsmen and made to last hundreds and thousands of years. This gorgeous wall clock features a large flower with a center ring of smaller glass flowers. The center section of the clock sits above the door of two small glass flowers holding the numbers of hours and minutes. Glass is always a beautiful material but it has a unique beauty all of its own. The glass flowers are set in a wood backdrop and is a unique way to present the beauty of the timeless materials of the craft without just presenting a picture. All of these clocks are hand made and no two are alike. They are all truly one of a kind. Add a touch of elegance to your wall with this stunning wall clock. Measures: 24″ tall (with clock) x 6.5

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