1set Nail Art Display Card

1set Nail Art Display Card

False Tips French Manicure Kit

Introducing the all-in-one French Manicure Kit! This complete set comes with a nail art display card, false tips, and everything you need to get salon-quality nails at home.

False Tips are easy to use, convenient, and safe for both hands. These plastic strips work with most brushes or scissors, allowing you to try different nail designs while on the go.

Our kits contain nail art tools for every skill level, including a fine-nail file and rounded-nail file (two styles of fake nails are included in each kit). Also included is a round buffer to apply to your false nails, two sizes of small-and-large tape glue, a nail wrap, a nail art brush, and instruction book with three different french manicures to get you started.

Each kit is available in three colors of false nails—white, tan, and pink. Whether you go tan or white, the kit is a good choice for those that want a classic neutral look. The tan version is great for the summer. And the pink version adds a fun pop of color that’s perfect with fall.

Nail art is simple to get started. We’ve included our step-by-step instructions so you can take your creativity anywhere. This is the perfect way to get a salon experience at home.

Includes everything you need to get started. False tips, nail art tools, instructional books, and a display to show off your nails.

Each kit includes three sizes of false nails for all applications.

Each manicure kit comes with instructions for three French manicures, which are easy to practice at home.

Our kits contain nail art tools for every skill level.

How to Get

Make a plan. Before doing your mani, think about where you’re going. It’s helpful to have a plan and some ideas for the look you’re going for. Be sure to leave enough time for the nail art. This kit has a set up time of 10 minutes.

Read the instructions. The instructions will come with the kit, but take the time to go over them before starting. Look for things you may have overlooked, like trimming of your base coats.

Check your supplies. Before you start, look over your supplies to see you have everything you need. Some additional tools may be necessary but can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or drug store.

Go through the instructions step by step.

When the time comes, do one manicure at a time. Choose three nails of each type

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