1sheet Butterfly Pattern Tattoo Sticker

1sheet Butterfly Pattern Tattoo Sticker

Looking for a unique and beautiful tattoo? Check out our 1sheet Butterfly Pattern Tattoo Sticker! Each image is one sided. The Butterfly Stick is 1″W x 2″H in a 3-D folded sheet. These stickers make a great gift or personal reminder of the world’s most beautiful butterflies.

Check out our tattoo stickers and your collection will surely be complimented by the other tat enthusiast that you know.

We are also the first company to offer this high demand tattoo style available in the world today, but they don’t have to be exclusive to us! If you have an ink pen you can make your own.

Check out our tattoo pictures and learn the art of butterfly picking at 1sheet.


Our tattoo stickers are the ideal gift for lovers, as they can be personalized with the name of a loved one or a tattoo of your own. You can also make a great personal gift for the tattoo enthusiast in your life. You can even write a short message to your loved on the back of the tattoo for a personal touch. This can make a great gift that will not only make them happy but will also give you a great deal of satisfaction.

Our tattoo sticker range includes small sizes that are available in a variety of designs such as the traditional ‘Tulip’ and ‘Butterfly’ designs to something a little larger.

There is much more to our tattoo sticker range than just the ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Tulip’. The list goes on and we love it!

Check out our tattoo stickers and buy your own collection of this unique and beautiful tattoo today! And save 20% off our full sheet tattoos by using the code: STICKETS2020.

For our tattoo stickers, the best thing it that you can personalize them with your own ideas and images. If you want that, simply order as much as your want, and you can print them at home. No matter where you are, you can get them printed right away and at very affordable prices. You can order them at any time of the day and with a range of designs, to add that custom vibe to them, you don’t need to have a designer or professional artist to hand draw the design!

But that just comes at a price, you still have to pay for something. With our tattoo stickers, you can personalize any size and we are pretty sure that whatever you get, you are going to be proud of it.

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