1sheet Floral Pattern Nail Art Sticker & 1pc Nail File

1sheet Floral Pattern Nail Art Sticker & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your nails? Check out our 1sheet Floral Pattern Nail Art Sticker! They’re easy to use and look great! Plus, we’ve got a 1pc Nail File to help you get the perfect manicure.

Perfectly pink nails. That is the only way I think of when I think of these flowers.

This nail decal sheet is for those that want to have a more unique look or pattern on their thumb, index and pinkie nails. They are perfect with any kind of polish, even darker shades of pink. These flowers can also work with any kind of color you have in your collection.

How do you peel our nail stickers from the sheets?

Because these stickers are made out of vinyl, you can peel them off the sheet easily. They are easy to use, remove easily from your nail file, and come off completely from the surface of your nail.

The application of the nail stickers is relatively easy. You’ll cut them out with scissors and place them onto your nail. Apply any type of topcoat to make sure your nails will stick to the sticker. Let sit for at least 5 minutes just to dry.

If you don’t have a high quality nail file, don’t worry just trim a little off of the edges.

This kind of nail sticker sheet will always last longer than a regular decals. We have had them for years and there are no bubbles, no cracking, no peeling. Perfect.

These are so adorable and so easy they should be a staple in any nail crafter’s toolbox.You are here

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