1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker & 1pc Nail File

1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker & 1pc Nail File

Looking for an easy and cute way to do your own nails at home? Check out our 1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker & 1pc Nail File! With this simple and easy to use product, you can have salon-looking nails in no time!

Made out of high-grade vinyl and rubber, you can also choose to use this pattern just the way they were made. You can apply by machine or by hand, you just gotta have fun and be creative!

To apply by machine, you’ll need to use a vinyl cutter!

1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Vinyl

Heart Pattern Nail File 1pc

1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Vinyl Cut Sheet


Use either a hand or a brush to brush the Nail Vinyl in a circular motion over your nails.

Gently peel the sheet from the surface.

Finger and thumb nail file is optional.

You can also file off any excess vinyl before applying.

Easy and beautiful way to do your own nails at home!

Available in various designs.

The 1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Vinyl is for both men and women. It doesn’t have any odors whatsoever so it’s great for people who don’t like the smell of acrylic. It can even be used for nail art and nail extensions.

The 1pc Nail File is perfect for quick filing and also great for nail art!

Cute hearts are perfect in Valentine’s Day. Match the 1sheet Nail Stickers with this Valentine’s Day design!

The Heart Pattern Vinyl is available in small size and medium size.

Small = 1 sheet

= 1 sheet Medium = 10 sheets


Product will be sent via email only, meaning only 1sheet per person. The stickers can be shipped by Registered Mail, and you will be responsible for its tracking. We can not ship outside of Canada.

**NOTICE: We only use high quality vinyl. The stickers are not water-proof, nor water resistant. Please note that vinyl is a flexible surface and may stretch as you cut & apply it, so you might need to file off any extra vinyl after applying.

1sheet Nail vinyl is recommended to be used by people with very dry hands. If your hands are very oily, you may find that the vinyl can crack.


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