1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker

1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker

Looking for a way to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Check out our 1sheet Heart Pattern Nail Art Sticker! The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply to all sorts of surfaces and add a sweet little surprise to your outfit or home decoration while being an easy DIY!

We have many more exclusive and limited edition holiday nail patterns to add to your wishlist including a holiday heart nail art nail sticker design that can be easily and quickly applied to your finger nails or add a fun little twist to a regular ol’ manicure!

Check out our holiday nail art line and show your love to the ones you love this Valentine’s Day.

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Buchet & Tonails Inc. is a registered Canadian Corporation committed to selling only hand crafted, all natural, non-dyed Buchet-Tonails lacquered acrylic nail polish and nail accessories and hand painted acrylic nail polish brushes using only the finest quality pigment ingredients from the world and all natural, non-toxic cosmetic products such as acetone and acetone free thinner for nail drying and removal from the hands. Our goal is to offer the finest customer service that is available in the nail care industry. Our products are manufactured at our production facility in Ottawa Ontario Canada and are completely handmade and 100% natural. Buchet & Tonails is an ISO 9001:2015 company. This means that all of our products as well as our business policies meet all industry certifications and are fully audited. This assurance is only the first step and means that we have met a certain standard or quality assurance.

Buchet & Tonails offers a complete line of natural nail care products for all of your beauty needs and is passionate about offering only the best for you, the consumer. Our motto is “Nails Done Right!” With products ranging from acrylic nail extensions to accessories and even nail wraps you can choose the perfect nail care option to match your specific needs. From the most traditional manicure service to the newest and most trendy nail treatments, Buchet and Tonails has you covered. Come check out Buchet & Tonails and get that perfect nail, a nail care service that meets your standards. We believe in customer service and support so come in for a manicure or

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