2 In 1 Powder Brush & Contour Brush

2 In 1 Powder Brush & Contour Brush

Looking for the perfect powder brush and contour brush combo? Look no further than our 2 In 1 Powder Brush & Contour Brush! This versatile brush can be used for a variety of powder and contour products, making it a must-have for your makeup collection. It features contour brush sides for blending the foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter across the face. The included soft foam brush has both a slanted tip to blend and a straight tip to apply powders and matte finishes. With an adjustable grip, the contour brush is sturdy and comfortable to use for all skin types and contour techniques. The powder brush is ideal for blending out any blemishes, powdering away a heavy layer or contouring the face for a natural glow.

If you also want a brush, the 4-in-1 Powder Brush and Brush is an exciting addition to your collection. The 4-in-1 is a multi-tasking contour and powder brush with four different types of brushes including a flat foundation brush, an angled brush, a slanted brush that works to blend and a blending brush.

The 5-Piece Powder Brush Set is for those who like to stay organized and have everything all in one place. This set includes the 4-in-1 Powder Brush and Brush plus the powder brush sides for contouring and powdering the body.

The new 5-piece powder brush set features four brush sides. One flat foundation brush for even distribution of color and applying product. A contour brush with three different angles for blending and applying contour blush, bronzer and highlighter. A blending brush with a slant and a flat side for blending and applying powder. A powder brush side for applying powder. A contour brush side for contouring the face. The contour side is the perfect brush for blending and shaping the face by blending the contour bronzer or contour blush on both the high planes and the low planes of the face.The contour brush side applies powder over areas that have been contoured. This brush is available in either a soft fluffy brush for applying powders and mattes or a sturdier and more dense brush for applying contour and blush powders and bronzer.

This set includes a 2 Piece Contour Brush & Powder Brush. The contour brush has five sides with either a slanted tip to blend or a straight tip for applying powders and mattes. The powder brush has 3 sides with either a slanted, flat or round tip, allowing it to reach into small crevices. A contour brush side for blending contour blush and contour bronzer on the high planes. A contour contour side

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