24 Holes Nail Polishing Head Storage Box

24 Holes Nail Polishing Head Storage Box

Looking for a new way to store your nail polishing? Check out our 24 Holes Nail Polishing Head Storage Box! This box is perfect for organizing your polishes and keeping them in one place. Plus, the clear lid lets you see all of your colors at a glance. Order yours today!

I ordered this box for my girlfriend’s 18th Birthday and it was the perfect size (8 x 7 x 5). I know the polishes aren’t clear or durable (due to the low cost) but my GF loves them and so does everyone else that has seen them. She really loves the “tubes” feature where you twist the caps to turn them on or off. Also, this is the perfect place to store the ones she never wears (no one likes to throw away a bottle). I will definately be ordering more for myself.

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my roommate. She is a frequent user of polish and I wanted her to have a place to store her liquid and do it safely. Although not great when it comes to durability and polish longevity, this is a nice little storage box for quick access and for small spaces.

We have purchased nail polish for a while, but this is the best for storage. It makes it super easy to see what we have. I love that I can access them without opening the entire box or having it on my dresser. I use the clear lid to make sure that the colors don’t get mixed up.

I love this product. We have been using it for years so it is very versatile. Its very easy to store, can put them in a cabinet, and also works when you run out of polish! Very smart design!

This item was a perfect gift for my nail polish lover, friend and roommate who has been using this method forever. She loved it, and we loved giving it to her. It’s perfect for her small space in her bathroom. It has a small but adequate amount of storage for the standard 14 polishes people use.

Love this product! It keeps my polish organized and easily accessible. I can see what colors I have and if I’m running low on certain types of polish. I like that it has a lid to make sure nothing gets spilled on the bottom. I only wish they had more different sizes.

I bought this as a stocking stuffer and it came in the mail super fast. I put it on my desk. Then my boyfriend put it in his night stand and it was there all night which I thought was kind of gross since it’s polish…. But other then that, really cute and well made.

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