24pcs 3D Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs 3D Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Introducing the 24pcs 3D Fake Nail Kit! This kit includes 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File, everything you need to get started with fake nails. The 24pcs 3D Fake Nail Kit is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of length and drama to their nails.

Product Details:

Material: Nail Files, Nails, Skin, Nail Care

Color : Natural, Light, Dark, Matte, Sheen, Pearlescent, Nude, Red Velvet, Purple Vibrance, Silver, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow

Package: 100pcs in a Plastic Case with Nail File, 6pcs Rubber Band and Nail File (For Nail File)

Package Weight (g): 2 (without bag)

How to do use:

1. Gently massage nail files and clean the edges between them and the nail tips. Remove the coating on fingers and clean the cuticles and nail beds.2. Apply nail color on all ten fingers and press your first nail file with a gentle pressure on your middle finger in the center of nail.3. File the first layer of paint between your fingernails on your index finger. Hold the middle and index, and file away from your finger until it reaches the tip.4. Continue to fill in the nails until they are completely covered and shaped to your liking. File the tips on the nails and file towards the finger end.5. Finish filing the nails to remove any last of the paint.6. Apply polish remover to remove any residue and start with a clean slate.7. File the last nail to remove any rough edges from the nails.8. Repeat the process until your entire fingernail is fully shaped into your desired look.9. Once nail polish is dry, file gently over the tips with a nail file to remove any roughness.

Package Contents: 1 x Nail Care, 1 x Nail File, 6x Nail File Rubber Band, 1x Nail File Card.

Use Time:2-3 Days – File your nails to remove any rough edges or unwanted areas. File all nails with the included file until your desired length is reached. Finish filing all nails and file the tips of the nails to remove sharp edges.

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