24pcs 3D Heart & Bowknot Decor Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

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24pcs 3D Heart & Bowknot Decor Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your nails? Check out our 24pcs 3D Heart & Bowknot Decor Fake Nails! They come with 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File for easy application.

24pcs 3D Heart & Bowknot Decor Fake Nails

Size Length Width

M: 7.1-7.4CM (2.7-2.9in/7.1-7.4in) 6.2CM (2.5in/6.2in)

F: 8.3-8.5CM (3.1-3.3in/8.3-8.5in,2.9-3.1in) 6.6CM (2.7in/6.6in)

XL: 9.7CM (3.8in/9.7in,3.1in) 1CM (0.4in/1in)

These gorgeous heart & bowknot accent nails are the perfect way to add some beautiful decor details to your nails.

If you decide to go for a classic look, but you wish to have a more sophisticated and stylish look, this design will be your best bet. This set of nail decor covers all your needs. Each decor accent will set you apart from the rest with their unique shape and designs. These nail designs are perfect for a variety of occasions.

This unique design gives you the choice to add your own personal touch to your nails. This set of nail decors are made of high quality materials. Each nail decoration comes with the following:

1Nail File

This file will help you to remove the decorations easily.

A convenient way to apply your own custom designed nails

Each set of nail decorations include:

1x3D Heart & Bowknot Decor Decor

1x2M Heart & Bowknot Decor

1x1M Heartbow Decor

1×F Heart & Bowknot Decor

1xL Heart & Bowknot Decor

1xXL Heart & Bowknot Decor

It is easy to attach these nail decorations

You just need to place the tape on the nail and apply the nail decor on the tape and then press on the glue dots. These designs are easy to apply and remove.

A way to dress up your nails, this set of 3D heart and bowknot fake nails is unique in looks. For some people, they can dress up their nails with the most simple of decors,

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