24pcs 3D Rhinestone Decor Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs 3D Rhinestone Decor Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to your nails? Check out our 24pcs 3D Rhinestone Decor Fake Nails! They come with 1 sheet of tape and 1pc nail file, so you can easily apply them at home. Make stunning finger and plectrum nails by applying these super realistic 3D decorative stickers yourself.

1. Apply and shape! Peel off foil (or any foil-like stickers) and apply to your nail. Peel off foil from the sticker; keep the adhesive backing on the top of the sticker, and it will secure the foil to the nail. Gently press nail file over adhesive and remove foil with a pair of tweezers or fingers – and you’re done!2. Shape! This nail design is very easy to shape and apply to your nail. The foil can easily be torn off the nail, and you can apply the foil to any shape of your nail.3. Use nail polish! Peel off 3D stickers and apply 1 coat of nail polish and let dry. Once the sticker is dry, apply top coat to protect the foil and 3D stickers. 4. Use acrylic colors or clear polish. You can also use nail polish of clear acrylic (to achieve a shiny/mirror surface) on these 3D stickers. Apply a coat of clear, glossy polish and let dry – this will help the foil and stickers stay fixed to your nail! 5. Clean up your nail tips! You can always use water and soap or a specific nail cleaner (to remove the adhesive residue and fix any imperfections).

Each set comes with 1pcs set of nail design, 1 sheet of foil & 1 pc nail file.

Product dimensions:- Set comes with 1pcs nail design, 1 sheet of foil & 1 pc nail file.- Comes with 3d rhinestone decop.

Product details:-

Size: 12*4 cm or 5.13*1.57”- Material: Polyester.

Please keep in mind that while our items are all well made they are not meant to be perfect. Also please keep in mind
that nail designs will be worn away with normal usage, so if you are looking for high quality polish then consider spending a little extra money and get the real deal!

* Please note that foil nails are only available in limited quantities.



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