24pcs French Style Fake Nail & 2sheets Nail Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs French Style Fake Nail & 2sheets Nail Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a way to have fabulous nails without having to go to a salon? Look no further! This 24-piece set of French style fake nails comes with 2 sheets of nail tape and 1 nail file, so you can have the perfect nails at home. If you have a knack for painting your nails, this is easy to customize!

You will need:

· A white or cream nail file

· A pair of tweezers

· A bottle of clear nail polish

· A small bottle for the nail glue

· A bottle of water

· Plastic wrap

· White nail polish

· A toothbrush

· A nail brush

· A bottle of acrylic nail polish

· A bottle of white acrylic

· A bottle of clear varnish

· A clear nail varnish brush

· A small bottle oil paint

· A wooden plate or baking tray

· A small bottle of oil paint

· Alcohol

· A plastic syringe

· The paintbrush

First, begin by cleaning your tape and your nails with a toothbrush and clean nail polish – this will remove any oil or dirt build up.

Next, cut down a small square of the tape, so it fits around at least one nail. Make sure not to leave any part of tape on your fingers.

Then carefully place the nail tape around the nail. Be sure to overlap the side of the tape, as well as completely wrap the top and the bottom. Use the tweezers to carefully remove any excess tape.

Repeat this step with the remaining nails.

Then, cut off a small bit of the nail using the nail file.

Next, place a very small drop of nail glue on the end of the cut part of the nail. Use a toothbrush to put the drop on the end of the cut nail. Keep the glue on for 5 seconds.

Then, place the nail down. Be sure to keep it straight!

Continue to the next step and repeat with the rest of the nails.

Fill the syringe with the varnish and place it on the nail plate. Hold it for at least 2 seconds and then place it onto the nail. Allow the varnish to dry completely.

With the acrylic nail paint, cover the varnished part of the nail. Start on the varnished bit first then work in a circular motion around the nail. You will want to paint as many colors as you can to give the nails the maximum effect. Once you have completely covered, wait for it to dry for a few seconds and

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