24pcs Heart Print Fake Nail & 1pc Nail File & 1sheet Tape

24pcs Heart Print Fake Nail & 1pc Nail File & 1sheet Tape

Looking for a way to show your love? Look no further than these 24pcs Heart Print Fake Nails! They come with a nail file and sheet of tape, so you can apply them easily and painlessly.

Faux Nails Fake Heart Pendant and Clip with Gift Card

Gift Cards are used to buy Gift Baskets and Gift Certificates. Gift cards can also be used as a method for saving or managing financial resources.

Gift cards are the perfect gift to help those around you! Send them to a friend or relative they’ll truly appreciate. It allows them to shop the way they like and helps them save on their expenses.

Each pack contains 2 different designs and 6 different sizes for your convenience.

Note: The picture above is for reference, and is not included with the package.

A $50 Gift Card is included for your convenience. You can also add additional gift cards to your order for an additional fee.

1) Choose your gift card design2) We’ll apply a Gift Card (Not Included)3) We’ll cut your nails in the matching size4) We’ll tape the Gift Card5) Place a black tip over the Gift Card6) Apply the gift card and file away7) Place the remaining fake nails over the back of the tape8) File away until it’s as smooth as you like9) Remove the tape10) Clean and re-coat your nails

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Fake Nails are a great way to look more youthful with the added bonus of not having to go to the nail salon. In fact, most of our nail customers just buy the nail art supplies and buy a kit without even asking about what we can do for them

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