24pcs Minimalist Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs Minimalist Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a chic and minimalist way to do your nails? Look no further than our 24pc Fake Nail set! Comes with 1 sheet of tape and 1 nail file, this set is everything you need for a simple and sophisticated look.

Nail files are a popular choice for minimalist looks because they really only remove dead skin cells and create a natural finish. For a flawless look, start with a clean, smooth surface and use our white nail pen to create a crisp line. Once the design is finalized use the nail file to shape the edges and give your nails an appealing finish.

Choose a colour that works for you and make them your signature style! Add some fun to your nails with our range of nail stickers! Our nail stickers are sure to make any style look great! Each design can be put on nails in different layers for a fun mix of unique finishes.

With its convenient and compact size, the Revlon Nail Sticker Collection is the perfect way to update your nails without spending a lot of time or compromising quality. Each nail sticker from this range is made of thick-tempered, high-quality vinyl, making them both durable and flexible.

All our nail stickers are easy to apply and offer a quick and reliable way of changing up your nail look in no time at all.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Revlon Nail Stickers are a unique item and they are not returnable or refundable due to the nature of the material. This item is only sold and shipped directly from Revlon and there are no stores associated with this product.

When going barefoot, we all need a way to keep the sand and dirt out without compromising on style/comfort. So, what better way to protect your feet than with our gorgeous Sandal Stickers?

All of our Sandal Stickers are easily applied to our popular Sandal Collection and are made from high-quality vinyl and are 100% waterproof. They have a unique rubberized coating which provides a firm grip on the product and keeps them firmly in place.

This is a perfect way to have cute sandals year round as the vinyl makes them repel any moisture. A nice and unique gift for either the man or the women in your life!

All of our product ranges feature a colour swatch box and the perfect tools to allow us to quickly and easily match your product to your outfit. These are not only practical but they can also double as a nice personal souvenir.

We currently only sell on the web so if you are interested in our products we recommend that you register your details via our contact page so we can send you over free product updates or

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