24pcs Minimalist Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs Minimalist Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a chic and minimalist fake nail look? Try our 24pcs Minimalist Fake Nails! Comes with 1sheet of tape and 1pc nail file for easy application. Also available in 8pcs and 15pcs in different colors. Perfect for a nail art lover at a fraction of the cost!

About Fake Nails

Not only will these fake nail polish nails make your manicure stand out and compliment your fashion sense, they are also durable and cost efficient, making them perfect for special occassions or just for fun. This manicure kit is very simple to use just take off the clear top coat, carefully peel off the tape and set the nail on to your real manicure. With our fake nails you are able to keep up your manicuring throughout the day and never worry about having to apply fake nail polish all over your fingers again.

Fake nail polish is a great idea for adding a little extra oomph to any look without looking tacky. Whether you’re in search of the perfect shade for a night on the town or just something simple to freshen up and brighten the day, fake nail polish kits are a must-have for any women’s jewelry box! We offer four different kits in various colors and sizes, so there is a color that will go with almost anything.

For a special evening look, choose the perfect shade for your favorite dress and head to a nail salon to have your nails professionally done. This is a great idea for a birthday treat for yourself or the person you love most. Whether you are a nail fanatic looking to find the right shade or looking to create a unique manicure of your own, using these fake nail products will definitely boost your confidence!

Choose from our four kits:

Nail Polish Kit

– Comes with 1x clear topcoat, 1x pink

– Nail polish colors available in red, pink, purple and gold

Size: 1x6pcs

Nail Strip Kit

– Comes with black, light brown, light grey

– Nail strips available in sizes 1cm x 4cm

Size: 1x6pcs

Gel Polish Kit

– Comes with 1x pink transparent gel topcoat

– Gel nail polish colors available in pink and white

Size: 1x6pcs

Minimalist Fake Nail Kit

– Comes with 1x tape and 1x clear top coat

– White tape available in sizes 8x10cm and 16x20cm

Size: 1x6pcs

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