24pcs Ombre Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs Ombre Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Introducing the 24pcs Ombre Fake Nail Kit! This complete set comes with 1sheet of Tape and 1pc Nail File, everything you need to get salon-looking nails at home. The ombre design is perfect for any season and the included nail file ensures a perfect finish. Get your nails done right at home with this easy to use kit! The nail kit is easy to use and comes with a plastic top, which will help keep nails looking perfect. This 24pcs Ombre Fake Nail Kit is a great gift or make your own gift! Order Today!!!“I have never used a professional photographer before, so I felt intimidated by the thought of ‘hiring’ one and having them be there. I have worked with many fine art photographers, but never a wedding photographer. However, I hired Brian after seeing his photography portfolios and was thrilled to have him be my wedding photographer. He did every detail so that the end result was beautiful. All the pictures are great. Brian was a fantastic assistant and I highly recommend him!”


Lake Tahoe, CA

“We were very lucky to meet Brian and be able to work with him. He was so professional before, during and after our wedding. He captured everything about our wedding from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the cake and bouquet to the decorations to the portraits. The pictures were amazing! We will use him as long as we live!”

Dylan & Katie,

Burbank, CA

“In May 2013, Brian photographed our wedding along with 4 of their other couples. We could not have asked for more out of our wedding photographer. Brian is not only a talented and artistic photographer with a wonderful personality but also a truly wonderful and very professional man. When we chose him for our wedding, we did so with complete confidence because of our first meeting and from the work on their website. We were not disappointed we chose Brian and cannot recommend him enough.”

Sarah & Daniel,

Burbank, CA

“I have worked with many photographers, but never one so great as Brian. He was so helpful and gave me lots of excellent advice to ensure I had great images. He also has a great sense for what he thinks your best photos will be and goes above and beyond to make sure those photos happen. I’ve hired a lot of photographers before, so know what photos typically turn out good. Brian’s were amazing!”


Los Angeles, CA

“Brian is an extremely professional photographer, and my husband and I were very impressed with his work. He is very friendly, personable and he definitely had our best interests in

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